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Integrative psychiatry combines the best of conventional medicine with natural and holistic treatment methods to identify and treat the root causes of mental health disorders. We regard people as inherently healthy and whole and we are focused on empowering people to achieve the results they want.



We Consider it All

We investigate the many factors that may be contributing to your condition with a broad and nuanced lens. We aim to uncover the root causes beneath your symptoms, so that we can work towards true healing.



Individual & Wholistic

Too often, diagnoses result in one-size-fits-all treatments. We tailor our treatments to your individual biochemistry and needs through sensitive testing and a whole-person perspective.



Long-term Resilience

Our goal isn’t just to help you feel better, but to set you up for long-term health. We choose gentle, natural treatments that work to rebuild the foundations of health for deeper and more lasting healing.

We offer consultations and treatment planning, grounded in integrative and functional medicine, to uncover the root causes of your condition, and guide you towards long-term healing.

Our bodies are complex ecosystems. Every part of us is intricately connected, both to the world within and outside us. True healing demands an approach to health that takes the whole human ecosystem into consideration. This principle underlies both integrative and functional medicine and is the foundation of the work we do in our clinic. Our consultations and treatment planning are characterized by:

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